Our Mission

We will provide film and television production services by creating high quality consumer products.
Our goal is to be innovative and inspire others with a vision. We stand by our commitment
to creativity and storytelling on behalf of our customers.



We create high quality content
in an efficient and timely manner,
while providing exceptional service using state of the
art equipment.


Our content is focused
on innovative & creative storytelling that brings
a different perspective of reality.


Working in collaboration with businesses and marketing campaigns to build brand expansion and influence
company value.


We provide cost effective
visual effects, editing, color grading and much more.

John Hill

John is a stedicam operator/DP and has been in the film industry for 10+ years. He has experience filming a variety of projects from music videos, short films, weddings, features, commercials, and more.

John has also had the opportunity to work with some of the industries top musicians such as Nicki Minaj, French Montana, and Pusha T. John has a keen eye for detail and creativity for storytelling. He loves to collaborate with fellow creatives and will bring any idea to life.


Devin Fonrose

Devin is a director / editor based in the New York area.
After earning his bachelors in Media Studies and Production from Temple University, he left ESPN to become Co-founder of Noir Films.

Devin has a vast experience on projects, and has worked with various brands and platforms helping them generate millions of views digitally and socially. Among his many successful projects, he also had the opportunity to work alongside Grammy Nominated rapper, Wale.

Devin combines his love and passion in film with an eye for storytelling that allows him to share emotions through film.


Nina Miglio

Nina is a talented visual artist that articulates more of what appeals to the eye. To her, film and storytelling brings an
audience together where they can submerge themselves in a story and let it become an unforgettable experience in the end. With her motivating attitude and friendly personality, her hope is to use storytelling to bring everyone together and visually appeal to those who are interested.